·        EXiS Experimental Film and Video Festival, Seoul (South Korea)  

0     05/ 09/2013 to 12/09/2013. 

(Madatac showing: Fighting of the spirits) 

영적인 것의 투지 FIGHTING OF THE SPIRITS_ 아이리스 텐킹크 Iris Tenkink

2008 / B&W / Streo / 10min 24sec / HD






人鬼戰Fighting of the Spirits (2008) 10' 24"

Iris Tenkink (荷蘭)
配樂: Raed Yassin / A-Trio

Publication. Collection of short stories. ISBN 978-1-4717-9212-0

Book launch at Whitechapel Gallery London ‘The London Art Book Fair 2012’

 From ‘Anxiety’ to ‘Ventriloquism’ this new glossary of art terms is published by Goldsmiths MFA Art Writing students following workshops with the Whitechapel Gallery.
Featuring readings from contributors. In association with Goldsmiths, University of London.

The MFA Art Writing, Goldsmiths, hosts a new series of seminars in which contemporary issues in art writing are presented and debated. Each public session brings together art writing students and staff members and a visiting speaker, with each seminar themed around one of eleven Statements on Art Writing developed by the programme. Participants will be supplied with reading material and background information in advance of the session. Organised by former Writer in Residence Maria Fusco.


'Peeling the voice off the image' at Experiments in Cinema v 7.9 Festival, Basement Films and UNM Cinematic Arts Department Production, Albuquerque, New Mexico, (USA)

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Art Writing Event: And there it is

MFA Art Writing Residency. The residency took place from November 2010 until a final closing event on June 23rd, 2011. It existed as a series of workshops that facilitated writing, reading, collaboration and discussion.  The final event was an exposition of participants' projects that were developed over the course of the residency.

Gnommero: Exactitude

Spread: 'Tell me how the things happened'. Commissioned by Sarah Tripp. Launched 17-Dec-2011 at 2HB festival at CCA, Glasgow

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Fighting of the Spirits at MADATAC 02, Madrid 2011 (Awarded)

Fighting of the Spirits Broadcasted on: Transfera, program 39 | Channel: Canal Autor-TV Madrid, Spain 2010

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